Friday, March 1, 2013

Baked cheese balls

So I have been itching to try this recipe because it looks so simple...cut cheese sticks, dip in milk, bread and bake....simple...Pinterest is infamous for making things look more simple than they here's my story...It was actually based off of Pintester's blog about this recipe that I decided I could do this with a few tweaks.

So I think my first mistake was making bread crumbs without first toasting the bread...I'm still not sure if this was a mistake or not because I've never made bread crumbs from scratch before, but I know that I've used them before (panko) and they're usually pretty stiff...not soft like mine were :p
Yeah...what kind of asian household do I have if I don't even have panko!?!? I know I know...oh well. So I made the bread crumbs (soft crumbs). cut the cheese and all I was supposed to dip it in was milk. But because I've breaded chicken before for fried chicken I know that dipping in just milk won't be enough, so I added an egg to the milk before dipping the cheese in the bread.
I was pretty proud of myself by this point because the bread crumbs were sticking well to the cheese! Then I realized I didn't add any kind of seasoning to the bread crumbs before dipping the cheese in. So I decided to just sprinkle the finished product with italian seasoning before throwing them into the oven. (I forgot to take a picture while it was in the oven.)
They melted!!! they were supposed to turn out like little round breaded cheese balls. Even the pintester was able to keep them in round form...they look kind of round in the top picture, but by the time I took them off the pan they were all melted and flat! :p

It was still tasty, but I think next time I'll just dip the whole cheese stick in the bread crumbs! In retrospect it could have been the bread crumbs, the egg, or the size of the cheese balls, but it may also have to do with the fact that I used the convection setting on the oven instead of the regular bake....idk but it was still fun to try! Maybe next time I'll use a real cook book instead of going based off of a picture and it's caption! LOL

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