Sunday, February 24, 2013

Midterm cooking

Today I felt extra inclined to make something...must be because it's midterms and I don't want to clean so my next outlet is doing some kind of craft/cooking thing. Tonight I did two from pinterest that I've been meaning to do. I made sweet potato fries and some dessert croissants.
Here's the link for the original sweet potato fries recipe

This was my first time ever attempting any kind of french fries from scratch...the recipe was simple enough, cut the potato add some oil and seasonings and bake for 30 minutes....
I think I didn't have enough spacing for the fries on this pan because they came out a bit soggy...but it was still least I thought so. Trent is still on the fence about this one
I probably should have also left it in a bit longer, I think that the browned ones came out better than the middle ones...oh well!

For the dessert croissants I just went off of a picture.
Looked easy enough spread peanut butter and sprinkle chocolate chips on before rolling them.

Unfortunately I didn't have any peanutbutter just almond butter, and I only had semisweet chocolate chips....I like them! I made half with Nutella, those were awesome!!! :p
I should have tried to roll them faster, because when I was rolling them it was a bit messy and didn't stick well...but they were still good!

Hopefully this will be enough to stop me from having a breakdown before my midterms on Wednesday. If I end up doing another craft/cooking thing I'll post more! Wish me luck for my midterm!!!

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