Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My first Blog

Thank you for stopping by and reading my first blog. I've decided to start blogging hoping it will be better than facebook. I have grown very tired of a lot of the drama, preaching, and complaining.  I also dislike the people who post things just because others make a decent argument but they never do the research to see that the argument is irrational and idiotic. But most of all I've grown extra tired of those "like if you... if you don't have a heart keep scrolling" pictures and posts. UGH...they tend to annoy me the most!

Anywho...I've decided to start a blog to see if I can keep up with it. It's my late New Years resolution. A little bit more about me...I live on the beautiful island of Kaua`i, I was born and raised here. I'm a mother of a soon to be three year old boy. He brings the sun into my day, but too much sun can be bad and you get a yeah I get tired of him a lot too. I'm a registered nurse, I really enjoy my job but working with women all the time isn't healthy for you either...I think there's this thing about too much estrogen at a gets tiring. And I'm a full time student, I'm going back to school for my master's degree in nursing, I am projected to graduate the summer of 2014.

I'm still trying to figure out why I suddenly have the urge to write a blog but oh has begun! I am by no means a great writer and definitely an amateur photographer...I enjoy doing crafts which is what I think I will be dedicating this blog to doing.

I have done a lot of crafts over the past few months. They're like a sort of stress relief for me. I also really enjoy I have a board dedicated to things that I've done but this doesn't do justice to the amount of crafts and pins I tried last year. I have seen others blogs regarding pins that sucked or ones that didn't work. So I decided I'd try a few and see if they work for me. I am by no means dedicating myself to doing a blog a day, but I think I will definitely try to do at least one blog a week. My next post will be regarding a craft I did from pinterest, it came out pretty good, it wasn't an epic fail but I would definitely re-do some things.

Thanks again for stopping by! I will try to keep all of the pictures on this blog original, the vast majority will be pictures that I have taken myself. If they are pictures that I did not take I will have a disclaimer at the end of all of my blogs in regards to pictures that weren't my own, otherwise they're all me :)

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